Looking for a Better Parse Migration Alternative?

Setting Up Your Own Parse-Compatible Backend Server Is Your Best Option

Own > Rent

Migrating your old Parse backend server to one that you can customize, and own is a long term solution you can count on. With an owned backend server you’ll be able to more precisely configure your server to changing customer needs, and build your app’s competitive intellectual property value. It’s time to say goodbye to BaaS platforms.

Seamless Migration

Many of Parse’s well loved features including data browser, push notifications, and iOS in-app purchases won’t be supported on their open source server. You can relax as our technical experts restore your old Parse supported features and more onto our highly configurable and expandable backend server.

A Trustworthy Long Term Solution

Switching to another BaaS platform provider is risky. Once you develop your own backend server, you’ll never have to worry about migrating to another platform again.

Why Not Choose Another BaaS Platform?

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